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Khamoshi Ost Mp3 Download Song Of Khamoshi Ost - Drama

Khamoshi is a Pakistani romantic drama television series aired on Hum TV during 2017–2018. It is produced by Momina Duraid under their banner MD Productions. It stars Zara Noor Abbas, Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Affan Waheed. It received critical acclaim and was one of the most-watched Pakistani series of 2017.

Khamoshi drama cast

Zara Noor Abbas as Arsla
A simple and beautiful girl, who is in the love with Atif but sacrifices her love due to family circumstances. She does anything to make her family happy. Sabir takes advantage of her doing the job and leaves the factory job. She has a greedy sister, Naeema, and a trusting brother, Guddu. She is the daughter of Sabir and Shahnaz Later, she falls for Shahram.
Affan Waheed as Atif
He is the first cousin of Arslan from her mother Shahnaz’s side. He and Arsla like each other but circumstances let him hate Arsla and he marries Naeema instead.
Iqra Aziz as Naeema
She is the greedy sister of Arslan and wants to become like Arslan. She is a career-driven woman and wants what she is supposed to like. She loves Atif and is angry about Arsla and Atif’s engagement. She tries her best to make difference in both of them but fails every time. Her desire is completed by her father as he catches both and lets them both marry each other.
Bilal Khan as Shahraam
A simple guy who comes from Episode # 9 as the nephew of aunt Nasreen and cousin of Zubyia. He is madly in love with Arsala
Tauqeer Nasir as Sabir
He is the miser father of Naeema, Arslan, and Guddu. He works in an ordinary factory and leaves the factory on the working of Arsla. He takes advantage of Arsla’s money and lets her fianceé be married to Naeema. But on the wedding day, he became good.
Nida Mumtaz as Shahnaz
She is the mother of Arsla, Naeema, and Guddu and unlike others, is a supporting mother. She loves Arslan more than other of her children which leads to Naeema’s jealousy. She is the wife of Sabir, younger sister of Suraiya, and aunt of Atif.
Sajida Syed as Suraiya
She is the mother of Atif, aunt of Naeema, Arsla, and Guddu, and elder sister of Shahnaz. She is the supporting mother of Atif and wants Atif and Arsala to marry but she is forced to marry Atif with Naeema.
Javaid Iqbal as Muddassir
Sabir’s wealthy friend in whose house, he sent Arsala to work as a maid
Ambar Wajid as Haseena
She is the bitter as well as the loving wife of Muddassir. She teases Arsala firstly but she then starts managing with her somehow.
Fazal Husain as Guddu
He is the brother of Naeema and Arsala. He supports Arsala because she always helps him in many things. He hates Naeema due to her harness with Arsala.
Rashida Tabadsum as Safya
Haseena’s friend at whose house Haseena sends Arsala for work before moving to Canada
Saif Hasan as Jamal; Safiya’s husband
Azra Mansoor as Bi Jaan
Ch Moazzam Ishaq as Ammar
Zahra Shah as Zubiya
Mariam Mirza as Nasreen: Zubiya’s mother
Mohsin Geelani as Basit: Zubiya’s father

Khamoshi Ost

Singer: Bilal Khan / Schumaila Hussain
Composer: Atif Ali
Director: Ilyas Kashmiri
Writer: Aliya Bukhari
Lyrics: Major Imran Raza
Producer: MD Productions
Cast: Zara Noor Abbas, Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz, Affan Waheed

Khamoshi Ost Mp3 Download


Khamoshi drama song lyrics

(M) Ek ajeeb bazaar hai
duniya, gham hanste le aao
moul khushi ka paas na
ho to gham saste le aao

(F) Paron bina jo dekha panchi,
mujh ko meri yaad aai
maine kaha apna koi,
aik bhi awaaz na aai

jin par murjhaai baat apni,
woh hont dikhaoon kis ko
mujhe log kahain tumhain dard
kisi ka? naam bataon kis ko?

tera naam bataoon kis ko?
yeh haal sunaoon kis ko?
main tera naam bataoon kis
ko? yeh haal sunaoon kis ko?

kaisi hai yeh khamoshi..!!!

taiz hawa ke zor pe ho jo
tinka milay woh kahaan
din bhar andar tu jalta
hai, dil phir jalay kahaan

ummeedon ka naam na
laina, aur na karo dua
aansu ki qismat mein
thay ham, aansu aan mila

jo daikha hai har ek dil ne,
main woh khot dikhaoon kis ko
mujhe log kahain tumhain dard
kisi ka? naam bataon kis ko?

main tera naam bataoon kis ko?
yeh haal sunaoon kis ko?

main tera naam bataoon kis
ko? yeh haal sunaoon kis ko?

main tera naam bataoon kis
ko? yeh haal sunaoon kis ko?

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