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I was not supposed to vlog coz I don’t do vlogs anymore more on filming videos and such thing but today is something special to me I don’t know when will I upload this vlog when I upload it, these will have lots of videos with different dates for sure To begin with, it was long time ago when I planned to go back to school here in Canada. coz our work is so hard and I can’t use what degree I finish here When you are sponsored through spousal sponsorship you can’t use what degree you have finish here.

You will go back to zero and that’s what happened to me. So I said, I need to study I got pregnant so I wasn’t able to study right away I said, when Sofie gets a little bit bigger, I will study Last week, Thursday last week, I don’t remember the date, just check your calendar I went to Mckay Career Training. It’s a school here I took the entrance exam, English entrance exam A while ago during our lunch at work, I was wondering why is someone’s calling me when I checked it, it was from Mckay.

I was shaking I thought they will email me the result. I was shaking I was like ” what is this” I answered it, they were looking for me. they said congratulations, you passed the exam. I said wow. I can literally hear my heartbeat You know guys, when I had my exam, I never expected that I will pass although, it was just English but I haven’t had any exam and study in such a long time.

I’m not sure if my answers are correct and in the essay, I’m not sure if what I wrote is right but most likely in essay, you express your own opinion, own thoughts I didn’t had a good sleep for a week coz I was thinking if I pass or not the exam then I told my husband that I feel like I didn’t pass but then I said I have to be positive.

When they called me a while ago, I felt like crying, I was just stopping myself coz I was at work I said, thank you God Even though I have a lot of shortcomings to God coz I don’t go to church here, He still listens to me whenever I pray to Him this is real now. I will ask about student loan and such thing, about the books and I need to work, work, work to earn for my books and I wish I will be granted full amount for my student loan I will bring you in my journey of going back to school I went to the school I had my registration a while ago.

They explained to me about the expenses needed to pay such thing if I apply for student loan I already paid the registration and I have proof. Here it is I felt different when we were travelling going home. I felt like crying I said, this is really real I’ve been waiting for this for a long time that I could study abroad and now it’s happening.

Exactly 3 months from now I bring you along with my journey Next time I visit the school again, I will update you In my previous video, I said two weeks after that day I felt so much agony am I not accepted or what but then I already registered I was thinking maybe my email address is wrong. Maybe my contact infos are wrong I got scared coz Christmas and New Year passed by, they did not contact me. I tried to call the school and they were in holiday A while ago, they were already back to school.

I received an email They sent me confirmation letter and expenses needed to pay prior the start date I have another schedule with them on January 22 at 10:30am to complete my registration then we’ll talk about the student loan. I’m kinda nervous coz I am not sure if I will be granted a 100% for the student loan but I am keeping fingers cross, hoping to be approve I am so excited. Here’s the email. I hope you can read it. I’m not sure if you could read it.

It has the amount I really hope I will be approve I am so excited a couple of weeks to go this is really real I feel so excited and nervous at the same time I said in my previous video that I have an appointment on January 22 in my school, and today is January 22 I just arrived from my appointment My husband accompanied me. I was already informed about the books I need The payment that I need to pay on the first day of the class It was explained to me that the first two weeks, I will not meet yet our medical office assistant instructor Two weeks career assessment I think I forgot the term I already applied for the student loan, They help me.

I am excited and nervous as well and I thought the school was really small. coz when you see it from the outside, it was really small. I was shocked when the receptionist told me to go upstairs using the elevator I was like, “what, there’s an elevator” There is an elevator, I went to 3rd floor The facilities are small, the hallway There are lockers This was given to me This is the list of the books I need We made a portal The school supplies were also listed here These are the supplies that I needed to buy.

We are looking for cheap places to buy but she gave us suggestions on where to buy books We passed by the place but we were not able to see it coz we did not got off the car I was just kinda confuse with the list coz there are lots of binders with different sizes then there’s duo tang.

What’s duo tang? then I search the net, I already found out what is is then USB, day planner, my GOd. What is it? I will search it in the net she explained it I feel excited I’m praying and hoping that I will be 100% approve in student loan coz I need to be approve 100% of student loan coz it was so expensive.

I will not tell you, maybe on my next update although I already know it Ok I will tell it now The price for medical office assistant, I was written in their website then you have to pay $400 on the first day of the class that’s for the book supplies provided by the college and other fees such as field trip or examintation such thing then I already paid before for the student registration fee with $120 $120 is not included in the computation there are lots of things to buy the books cost $523.74 but we will look for a much cheaper one for the supplies it’s $378.

So we will look for a cheaper one I’m getting so excited I hope, I receive the email if how much will be granted to me I have to bring my banking information I hope I will be approve 100% in student loan If you notice, the interval of this video is one month, this part of the video coz I didn’t not inform you of things that I did Now I will inform you. Last January 29, I emailed the accountant that I received the notice of assessment for my student loan I already registered my account with NSLC.

I will find out there what do I have to pay and how to pay I already registered and then I had an appointment last February 7 about that then we already see what was approve in the student loan In the student loan, it did not just indicate tuition fee they also compute how much your expenses, transportation rental, childcare like that how much your husband can contribute coz he will be the only one working how much the grant will be given to me I don’t have to pay for the grant coz it is only given I only have to pay for the loan then I will also receive money monthly Before we went there, we already bought some books. We only bought 3 books coz the other one is for order.

We order book in turning the tide It was just a small shop. You will not think that it is a book store I also bought supplies for school There are so many. I will show it to you on my back to school haul There are so many things Different things I was shocked February 12, I received an email from Carol again that she received an email regarding the disbursement of the money that I will receive We set up another meeting and that’s today February 21 We set up another meeting and discuss what I needed to pay monthly I was not shocked coz I already expected

I have something to pay monthly but that’s ok, that’s life but we are well prepared for that and we already bought the last book that I haven’t bought before I’m looking for a shoes for school when I am on scrubs but I didn’t see something that I like and i’m not sure if that really is we’ll just around again I forgot to mention that I already bought a scrub suit you will see that in my video Everything’s ok I am nervous but feeling the excitement more My last update for this whole video is when they send me my schedule This will be last part of this whole video that I am just informing you of my come back to school I can’t explain what I was feeling.

I got so cold when I read my schedule This is really real It is so exciting and kinda nervous I don’t know I am just so excited for Monday but on Monday my schedule is 1:00pm-2:30pm it’s for pictorial for, it’s like orientation For two weeks, will have Keys to Success What I said in my previous video was wrong Our first day will be like pictorial for id, tour, lockers etc The rest is more on typing I don’t know what will be discuss in Keys to Success I don’t really know. I have no idea. I didn’t ask my friend about it March 18 will be the start of the lesson My schedule will be from 8:20am to 3:00pm Hopefully, I can take videos in school If I can, I will really take videos so that I can update you of what’s happening to me

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